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Privacy Policy

We are glad to inform you that we guarantee absolute safety and security of each of our customers. Being eager to provide privacy and comfortable shopping experience, we have worked out the following strategies:

All the information submitted voluntarily by our customers is kept in absolutely confidential way. This implies that the personal information of our customers will not be modified, sold or shared with any third party.

Such personal information as e-mail addresses, names and credit card details is required only for proper execution of orders. There is no other purpose why we ask you to provide your personal information.

All the personal data is kept in accordance with the highest standards of security. The data is protected with SSL – Secure Socket Layer – the technology that provides the safest credit card transactions. SSL keeps information encrypted, so no one will have access to your credit card details and no one will use this information with criminal purposes.

You can freely leave your questions and comments – none of your personal details will be indicated, unless you wish so.

After you make an order you will receive an e-mail letter with your order details. If you face any problems, do not hesitate to inform us by sending us an e-mail letter back. In this case we will have the possibility to write you back and to do our best to settle the problem.

We understand that our customers need privacy. Taking this into account we ship all the ordered items with thorough security.