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fake YEEZY BOOST 350

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fake YEEZY BOOST 350
Verifying the legitimacy of your Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White sneakers may be done quickly by examining the size tag and box label. You might notice various irregularities on this size tag, such as fuzziness in the lines and blotting of ink, which are clear indicators that the tag is phony.
The reproductions may have a size code on the box label that doesn't match the version of the sneakers.
Not all of these discrepancies have to exist for a shoe to be a fake; in fact, even a small discrepancy can indicate that you have a copy of the genuine V2 Cream White.
The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White colorway was first introduced in April 2019. It has a cream Primeknit upper and a cream midsole, with the iconic SPLY-350 marking hidden in a cream stripe along the sides of the shoes.
You should make sure you are not squandering your money on a copy of the original if you are interested in buying a pair of these sneakers.
To assist you in recognizing a fake Yeezy V2 Cream White, we have produced this Ultimate Guide to the Fake vs. Real Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White Comparison with visual illustrations.
You can tell a fake from an authentic Yeezy Cream White by following this 13-step legitimate check process.
How to identify if the Yeezy Cream White are real or fake
Examining the size tag within each pair of Cream White Yeezys will reveal whether or not they are phony. The words on a fake pair are constantly out of alignment and have heavier writing than on a real size tag, which is perfect every time.
We've outlined the telltale signs to look out for when you want to make sure your sneakers are real below.
Barcode reading
Scan the barcode on the box of your sneakers as the first step in the real vs. fake Yeezy Cream certification process.
Since counterfeit makers do not make an attempt to ensure that the barcode is duplicated correctly, we view the barcode as a trustworthy indicator of authenticity.
Because of this, the barcode frequently has certain differences that can be used to distinguish a fake from the genuine V2 Cream. 
We advise utilizing the Legit Check App to scan the barcode on your sneakers.
The Yeezy-Adidas range of sneakers each has a unique barcode that corresponds to a particular mix of the following; the app operates by comparing your unique barcode to that of other Yeezy footwear online.
Cream White CP9366 is the colorway.
350 V2 style
Size: US 5 to US 14
1.1. How to read your Yeezy Cream White's barcode
First, get the Legit Check App and install it. Then, focus on the barcode on the V2 Cream box label by tapping on the barcode scan symbol.

You now need to search through the app's results to find matches that attest to the authenticity status.
1.2. Real outcomes
You can be certain that your box is authentic if the findings indicate a high degree of confirmation for the size and colorway combination of your sneakers, as in the first image below.
Please be aware, nevertheless, that the presence of an original box does not guarantee that the sneakers are authentic; counterfeit producers can easily replace real shoes with counterfeit ones and package the fakes as authentic.

1.3. False outcomes
Conversely, there is a good probability that the sneakers you own are a copy if the results resemble the second figure below, where the findings do not match the size and coloration of your V2 Cream.
It's critical to realize that authenticity can only be indicated by a precise size and colorway combination that matches the size and colorway on your box label. 

Your box is still a replica even if the hue and size don't match exactly as it does in the picture.
Finding it too challenging? Verify your Yeezys with our professionals:
Tag for size

It should be noted that there are variations within the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 colorways; hence, an apparent typo in one colorway could be a sign of uniqueness in another.
Having saying that, the V2 Cream contains the irregularities listed below.
2.1. The phrase "Made in China"
The manufacturing of the sneakers was done in China, according to this text.
The primary discrepancy in this instance is the variation in print quality between the actual and counterfeit size tags.
You'll see that the lines in M on the fictitious size tag are jagged, and the lines in N are thicker than necessary.
The letters on the real size tag are formed differently than this.
The lettering on the phony Yeezy Cream size tag almost sits on the line between the MADE IN CHINA row and the line below it.
2.2. The "FR JP CHN FR UK US"
The letters on the false tag are not all the same size.
Sometimes, like in "US," the text is thicker.
It can occasionally be thinner, as in "CHN." 
In terms of line width, see how the text and the two lines above and below it have consistent line widths.
3. The number of sizes
Due to the difference in line width, the two "4" characters under FR on the fictitious tag appear slightly different.
The "0" in "10" under the US on the fictitious tag has the same variation in line width.
The ½ character on this fictitious size tag is narrower and positioned differently than the bolder and well-aligned character on the real size tag, as is typical with any fake size tag with fractions.
2.4. The print for APE/CLU/EVN
Keep an eye out for ink blotting, fuzzy lines, and other indications of subpar printing.
Please be aware that you may find CLU, APE, or EVN inscriptions here; if so, you shouldn't be concerned.
However, you ought to be mindful of this print's quality.
2.5. The pointer over the square
On the real size tags, there's always a little dot above the square print. The second a dot is absent, a replica is shown.
Even if this particular fake Yeezy Cream tag has this dot written on it, you should always be on the lookout for this indication on your size tag because it's a premium imitation.
2.6. The "adidas" emblem
This text can be located on the size tag in the lower left corner.
As you can see, the fictitious "Adidas" text is a little bit thinner here.
resulting in varied letter spacing as a result.
Additionally, you will see that the letters on the phony size tag are not aligned perfectly.
The letters "d" and "i," which are higher than the other characters, are particularly good examples of this.
The second "d" in the lettering on the reproduction displays the inaccurate print.
2.7. The "®" trademark symbol
Always avoid touching the Adidas text with the ®.
The character in the genuine V2 Cream White is separated from the text, as seen in the image.
Even if the ® on this particular fake size tag does not touch the size tag, you should always be aware of its placement because it may instantly identify a fake. 
2.8. The serial number
The writing on the fictitious size tag is slanted, and the letters appear jagged.
In contrast, the characters on the original Yeezy V2 Cream White size tag are all clearly defined and aligned.
This is a reference to the final set of numbers on the size tag's final row.
Please be aware that these numbers could change, so you shouldn't use this particular inscription as a guarantee of authenticity if you're trying to spot a fake pair of Yeezy Cream Whites. 
Instead, search for variations in print quality.
2.9. The serial number (#)
You'll see that the two "3" characters on the phony Yeezy Creams differ in size and form.
This code, like the serial number below it, is also likely to change, so you should keep an eye out for any discrepancies in the text.
2.10. The number assigned by ART 
On fakes, the "ART" print is marginally thinner and the "CP9366" print seems to be of lesser quality.
On the fictitious size tag, the "9" in 9633 appears warped.
Once more, notice how inconsistent the print quality is.
2.11. The text "MALE/MÒLE"
Here, there may or may not be MALE/MÂLE writing on the fictitious and real size tags.
Either way, both are excellent.
Therefore, we do not think that this particular inscription may be used to identify a fake Yeezy Cream.
2.12. The date print from the manufacturer
On the counterfeit pair, the writing is much smaller than it is on the authentic label. 
The production date of the sneakers is indicated in this text. Please be aware that this text may change depending on when the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream is produced. As a result, we do not consider it to be a trustworthy indicator.
2.13. The first phrase
You will notice a faint white line on the fictitious size tag, on the black line that divides the first row from the second row.
Since the black line on the size tag of the real Yeezy V2 Cream is continuous, this can be linked to the inferior printing equipment employed by the counterfeit producers.
Triangle of Boost
The boost sole on the original pair of Yeezy V2 Cream sneakers has a bubbly quality, while the duplicates have far less bubbly boost.
3.1. Top-notch duplicate

When compared to the real boost, the fake boost pellets are remarkably similar to one another.
Their appearance is more structured on the phony pair.
The real pellets have to be produced at random. They ought not to adhere to any particular design.
3.2. mediocre imitation

3.3. shoddy imitation
Let's now examine yet another instance of a phony Yeezy Cream boost sole.

Box label
This time, be mindful of the serial number and the nation size code.
It's crucial to understand that each footwear in the Yeezy-Adidas line is available in both US and international markets before moving forward with this stage.

Three country sizes—US, UK, and F—will be displayed on the box label for the footwear' US distribution.
Six country sizes are included on the box label for the international version: US, UK, F, D, J, and CHN.
The box label features equal prints for each of the six sizes.
The serial number now takes into account the country versions. The label's serial number is located in the lower left corner.
The serial numbers for all US releases ought to conclude in V02 or V03.
Serial numbers for international (Canadian/European) releases ought to terminate in a V10.
When you buy a new pair of Yeezy V2 Cream White, you should always check the box label for major discrepancies, even though the fake in the image below has the same serial number as the real one and is a US release with an ending in V02.
Read this article to learn the entire tale of how to identify the phony Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White package.

Just a brief note:
The best methods for authenticating this object are the ones we've written so far.
The following actions are still safe procedures.
However, they are applicable to copies that aren't top versions of this item.
When in doubt, we advise verifying the procedures we outlined above.

tying up
To begin with, each pair of sneakers in the Adidas-Yeezy collection has a single, distinctive lacing technique.
The right shoe's lace goes under the left shoe's lace, and the left shoe's lace goes under the right shoe's lace, according to the traditional lacing method.
5.1. In contrast

The left lace on the imitation pair is longer than the right. Since we're viewing the left shoe, it ought to be the other way around.
To see what the laces should look like, check at the picture of the actual Yeezy 350 V2 Cream.
There's a good likelihood your sneakers weren't made by Adidas if you buy a new pair of Yeezy Cream Whites and you observe a different lacing style from this one.
Note: Although fake producers may choose to replicate this lacing pattern on their fake sneakers, your Yeezy Cream may still be phony even if they adhere to it.
Because of this, we don't think this is a 100% reliable sign of legitimacy.
5.2. Explanation in detail

6.1. Tongue

The genuine sneakers seem to have a different construction, and the fakes have a wider opening.
Examine the sock liner and the angle from the base of the tongue to gain a better understanding of this.
Additionally, be aware of the tongue's "peak":
You'll see that, in comparison to the real pair, it is somewhat longer, providing a wider area.
6.2. in front

You can see the different way the fake shoes curve up in the second shot.
The reproductions are flatter, but the real pair has a much greater upward curvature.
Please be aware that although these discrepancies will vary in scope depending on size, they will still exist.
stitching in the middle
Examining your Yeezy Cream's central stitching is required for the seventh stage. The pull tabs are located on the back of the sneakers, so you must first check the stitching there.
7.1. backside

The central stitching on the original pair is much bigger and tighter.
The central stitching on the fictitious pair is weaker and denser.
7.2. front portion

Once more, the phony sneaker has less dense and weaker stitching.
As far as the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White goes, we think the central stitching is a good visual cue that the shoe is legitimate.
Toe holder
The authentic V2 Cream and its imitations have different toe box shapes.
8.1. Form

Note how bloated the toe box appears on the phony Yeezy Cream White sneaker.
The artificial toe box becomes somewhat more rigid due to the inflated appearance of the toe box, which gives the shoes a somewhat different structure.
8.2. bending
You probably own the original Yeezy Cream White if your toe box bends readily.
Conversely, if you find it difficult to bend the toe box of your sneakers, this indicates that you are dealing with a fake.

The imitation sock liner is much thinner.
In comparison to the sock liner on the original Yeezys, it is less bulky.
stripes inside
To access and examine the stripes for this step, you will need to remove the insole. To make things clearer for you, we've included a photo of this.

While the three stripes are individually sewed into the sneakers on the original V2 cream.
The horizontal extension of the three stripes on the false pair is what connects the three parts.

On the real pair, the stitching that fastens the pull tab to the shoe is nearly square.
It is rectangular and appears somewhat taller on the false.
The original V2 Cream's stitching is done with tonal cream thread, which complements the shoe's hue.
It employs pure white thread on the fictitious pair.
Now, the Yeezy Cream White sports a cream color, as the colorway name suggests. The shoes are cream colored throughout, from the Primeknit top to the translucent midsole to the sole.

Should you possess an identical copy, you'll see that the imitations' hue is more akin to pure white than cream.
This is an obvious red flag that you are working with a fraud.
We've included some photographs below to assist you with the color comparison because, unless you have a real and a fake pair side by side, it might not be that simple to see the color difference.
Here are a few discrepancies we found on the Yeezy Boost Cream White insole that may help you distinguish between a real and phony pair of sneakers.
13.1. backside

The way shadows provide depth to the image indicates how much deeper the print is on the real insole.
The shape of the phony Yeezy Cream Whites and the word "Adidas" are farther apart.
On the false insole, the characters in "Adidas" are thicker.
The "®" sign on the phony insole looks smaller, and the stripes of the Adidas trefoil logo are also thicker.
13.2. front portion

On the faux insole, the writing is less thick.
It is especially noticeable in Y, which is thinner than the Y on the insole of the real V2 Cream White, and Z, which has uneven line width.
The characters on the imitation insole have slightly larger spacing between them than on the genuine insole, which can be attributed to the size discrepancy.
The Adidas trefoil emblem is printed strangely; not only does it lack the white stripes that should be put between the black stripes, but its bottom side also appears to be altered.
13.3. side with the serial number

This serial number is far thicker on the fakes than it is on the authentic pair.
Character spacing has decreased.
This is particularly clear in the dashed character that appears between 5 and 9.
If you don't have both the legitimate and fake pair together, it will be very challenging for you to compare the fake and real Yeezy Cream.
In order to quickly access this graphic comparison, we advise you to download our app, where we have meticulously arranged all of the information regarding the differences between authentic and fake Yeezy Cream, as well as other guidelines for streetwear items.
Shortlist: In under 30 seconds, accurately assess your Yeezy Cream
Use the Legit App Checker to scan the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White barcode.
Examine the Yeezy V2 Cream White size tag for variations in the level of printing.
Verify whether the V2 Cream White boost sole is bubbling.
Examine the box label's sizes and serial numbers.
Make sure the Yeezy V2 Cream White is laced correctly, with the left leg under in the left shoe pattern and the right lace under in the right shoe.
The authentic Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White should not have an excessively large aperture.
Look for irregularities in the rear of the sneakers' main stitching.
Make sure the toe box is easily pliable and not overly inflated.
Your V2 Cream White in the dark sockliner should be quite thin.
Verify whether the three inside stripes of the sneakers are connected at the end; they shouldn't be.
Examine the pull tab stitching to determine its strength and density. 
Your sneakers should be cream in color rather than completely white.
Look for discrepancies in the Adidas wording and trefoil logo on the insole.
When confirming the authenticity of your V2 Cream White, it will take a lot of time to go through each of the 13 stages listed above to distinguish between real and fake Yeezy Cream.
For that reason, we have put together this short 60-second fix for certifying your footwear.
Knowledgeable Yeezy Bost 350 V2 Cream verification
We can assist you if you require assistance with the authentication of your Yeezy Boost V2 Cream White. To receive the findings, all you need to do is email us clear photos of your V2 Cream White. We will respond to your pictures in a day or two. A report explaining our belief as to whether your sneakers are real or fake will be included with the results.
This concludes our comparison of the actual and phony Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White. As more accurate and recent comparisons are released, we will keep this information up to current.