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fake gucci belt

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How To Identify A Gucci Replica Belt?

1. The Gucci Belt's serial number is verified

Counterfeiters used to take a set of numbers and use them on all of their fake Gucci merchandise. These days, they imitate particular models' identical serial numbers to put them on their fake goods. Don't worry, you can always tell the difference between authentic and fake designer belts by looking for the serial number.

Fake belts always leave traces on the figures, even when the figures are easily faked. Generally speaking, the fake serial codes are longer and farther away from the belt loop. The actual ones are typically found nearer the loop and are smaller in size.

All common codes and numbers are inserted by Gucci into the belt's body. The belt style number is indicated in the first line of the brand label, while the art number is indicated in the second. The belt's size is conveyed in centimeters and thumbs in the third line. The supplier code is displayed in the fourth line of numbers.

More reputable Gucci replica belts have the sequential codes stamped horizontally in the center, as seen in the above photograph. The belt's size must be printed on the serial number and cannot be printed on the belt in any other place. For example, some fake belts have the size printed on the tail leather without a loop.

It should be mentioned that the Gucci belt's serial number is merely a supplementary indicator of its legitimacy. Numerous products advise visiting the official Gucci website to verify the serial number. You will receive the following response from Gucci customer support if your belt is not presently available on the Gucci website: does not use the product's serial number for authentication, and we do not have access to a database or training. Please be aware that this request cannot be fulfilled by any department or retailer. Gucci recommends using the evidence of original purchase from a Gucci shop or an approved retailer to confirm the authenticity. »»

2. Examine the gaps

The way Gucci craftsmen treat leather is one of their many beautiful qualities. If it's not absolutely essential, they won't puncture holes in fine leather. There must be five holes on a genuine Gucci belt. View the picture up top.

The tips above will enable you to spot a fake, low-quality Gucci belt easily. These suggestions don't require a lot of experience and are evaluated objectively. However, artistic skill is fine, and there are counterfeits. This makes us learn the following guidance.

3. Examine the belt's odor

You may detect the distinct and disagreeable scent of genuine leather in the fake Gucci belt due to the crooks. It might have occurred as a result of improper execution or poor post-manufacturing handling. Naturally, the genuine Gucci belt is odorless.

4. Examine the word "Gucci"

The language carved on certain phony Gucci belts is different. It has a different quality, indicating that the Gucci fake and genuine belt's "gucci" component is sewed of average quality. On some Gucci belt knockoffs, the "made in Italy" text is so tiny and undistinguished that it is hardly even visible.

On the fake vs real Gucci belt, the character "®" is too little, while the "r" inside the circle is too huge because it hits the middle of the loop's edges.

Look inside the "Gucci" text. A few fakes have excessive distance between characters. Examine the words located there and the relief on the serial number. The stitching on counterfeits is of worse quality.

5. Real and fake Gucci belt screws, as well as pins

The pin on the Gucci GG belt loop is easily visible. By measuring the thickness of the spindle that is secured inside the GG loop, you can distinguish between the real and fake pin. Since the actual ones are significantly smaller, the counterfeit ones are too big.

The majority of models feature screws behind the belt loop. Examine the belt loop's back for any noticeable screws. Make sure to check the color of this screw when purchasing a golden Gucci belt. Additionally, the screw's color must be gold—no money. Use caution when tightening the screws on the belt loops. The loops on Gucci belts are typically sewed, which requires a lot more labor and a skilled hand. The majority of phony designer belts fasten the loop to the belt body with screws.