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Fake Lady Dior

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The Christian Dior logo is heat-stamped on one side of each Lady Dior bag, while the serial number is stamped on the other. This is the Lady Dior Bag Real vs. Fake Guide #1. The words "Christian Dior PARIS" are featured on the logo stamp, along with the phrases "Made in Italy" or "Made in Spain" underneath.  

2. The edges of the leather tag ought to be softened rather than sharp. Tags on bags manufactured prior to 1990 have a single line of stitching at the top, but tags on bags manufactured after that year have stitching around the entire tag. 

3 The leather tag's heat stamp need to be precisely in the center of it. The font needs to be clear and in either gold or silver. Should it be merely engraved into the leather without any color, the purse ought to be phony.

2. The Personalized Mark 

This type of etched label is extremely glossy and lustrous; imitations lack this quality. The letters must to be symmetrical, matching the initial image exactly. It is nearly hard to make out anything on the copy label.

3: Genuine Dior Bag Data Code/Serial Number 1) There is a date code inside the bag that you can view when you flip up the label at the zipper. It consists of four numbers (00-XY-0000), two letters, and two numbers.  

2) The factory is identified by the letters, and the production date, week, or month is indicated by the numbers. The month of manufacture is indicated by the first and third digits, while the year is indicated by the second and fourth. For instance, 18-MA-0156 indicates that the product was produced in May of 2016.

3) The serial number is crucial for verifying the authenticity of your product. Simply type in the serial number and search on Google. If product photographs appear, your item is likely authentic; nevertheless, phony models may also share the same serial number with real ones.

4 Lady Dior Handbag Embroidery

1) Examining the stitching is one method to identify a fake Dior purse. The Napoleon III chairs served as the model for the famous Cannage quilting that is found on many Dior pieces. 

2) Cannage quilting is exquisite and highly detailed. It is composed of tiny, uniform stitches sewn together with a thin thread. The thread color need to match the leather's hue exactly. It's frequently difficult for counterfeiters to get the stitching color exactly perfect. These characteristics can be found in the Lady Dior, whose recognizable Cannage quilting is difficult for imitators, especially novice ones, to imitate.

3) Unusual angles, uneven lengths, or crooked stitching are all telltale indicators of a fake. The faux Lady Dior has thicker, less accurate stitching than the real one, and its color is different from the bag's. 

Five Lady Dior Handles

1) The classic Lady Dior handbag's exquisite arched handles are secure and remain in place when not in use. New bags from Dior have paper wrapped handles, although imitation handles are frequently covered with plastic.

2) They are stiff and well-organized in the real bag. Fake bags are more readily moved from side to side and have handles that are not as solid as real ones. They move them with a sound as they fall and rise. The imitation bag's handles are bigger, thicker, and less well-made than those of the genuine kind. 

6. The Eternal Bond

1) It is clear that the reproduction did not accurately replicate the original handle attachment's flawless "O" shape. Generally speaking, the attachment needs to be thicker.

2) The top portion is significantly smaller than the second image. While the original had a smooth surface, the duplicate has several scratches all over it. Additionally, the typeface is different; instead of being bold and asymmetrical like in the photo on the right, the letters should be as little and thin as in the first picture. 

7、Zipper Pull for Lady Dior Bag

1) The zipper pull is adorned with the Dior cartouche, the circular insignia that is frequently found on Dior clothing. It has the appearance of jewelry because four chainlinks—three large and one small—attach it to the zipper. 

2) The majority of Christian Dior's bags include Lampo zippers. Regarding the zipper pull, a phony CD zip pull has a deeply recessed top letter C. Take note of the space between the "C" and the "D" on the fictitious CD.

8 Charms for Lady Dior bags

A genuine bag should have a rather solid metal circle holding the charms, signifying the high caliber of the brand. The lettered D, I, and R in the Lady Dior charms are positioned in front of a big letter O. Each letter's chain is attached with loose rings that dangle around.

2) The letters are rather huge, as you can see, and have a contrast between their gibbous edges and straight surfaces. On the phony model, letters are substantially smaller and have a different typeface. Furthermore, the color is mismatched. The phony model does a poor job of replicating the original key ring's generic gold shine.

9 The Lady Dior Feet 1) To keep the bottom panel from wearing out, the Lady Dior bag incorporates protective metal feet at the base. Since the feet on the Lady Dior bag are so distinctive, we consider them to be a crucial component of authenticity. The Lady Dior bag employs a tapering dome design that is a cross between a cone and a dome, whereas other bags can use square feet or a flattened cone shape. The size of the bag and the time it was made can have an impact on the amount of studs.

2) The false foot is more pointed than the real one, which resembles a short, thick cone with a rounded top.

10 Authenticity Card for Dior Bags 

Along with your Dior bag, there's a small envelope that holds an English, Chinese, and French-language translated Authenticity Card and a Care Booklet. Both are watermarked and grey. 


2) The authenticity card should have the words Christian Dior printed in either gold or black on one side. Authentic cards also feature two small and one large rectangular space on the other side for the store's information and the date that needs to be stamped. 

11 Lady Dior Bag Dust Bag: 1) Before purchasing the Lady Dior bag, be sure to inspect the dust bag. If you pay close attention to these features, you will be able to tell when something is phony since you will know how the actual one looks. The material, color, and size of the dust bag's printed Dior logo, as well as its typography, all varies.

2) The brown bag is a fake; the dust bag of the authentic Dior handbag is composed of white cotton fabric. The typeface ought to be gray; the black font seems phony, even when the text may be Christian or Dior.

The authentic Dior handbag will be accompanied by ribbons. The handles of the handbag, its container, its outer packaging bag, and occasionally an additional one will all be tied with this ribbon. Every other segment, there will be a picture of Dior on the actual white ribbon. The words are filled in and the font is solid black. "Dior"'s top and bottom edges are quite near to the ribbon's edge. It might be a phony bag if they are far away. 

12 The Lady Dior bag's overall appearance

1) It is evident that the genuine cloth is made of a very glossy, shining substance. The bag's true shine is shown by the way light is reflected off of it. This glossy effect is not accurately duplicated in the fake model, so while the material still reflects light, it still has a more matte appearance.

2) The real cloth appears heavier than the Dior Lady bag copy.  Additionally, pay attention to the handles. Compared to the second picture, they are considerably smaller and wider.

3) The imitation Dior Lady Lambskin bag looks larger and more "fatter" in shape than the actual Dior purse in the comparison image. When the Dior bag is empty, this should be apparent.

Sizes of Lady Dior Handbags

Four sizes available: micro, mini/small, medium, and big; a shoulder strap is usually included as an optional feature. These samples do not depict this. 

5.75 x 4.75 x 2.5 inches in micro size

Small: 6.75 x 6.75 x 2.75 in.

Size: 9 by 8 by 4 inches

Big: 10.5, 4, and 12.5 inches